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Call for Volunteers: Mentor a 2nd yr MBA student

Wharton PE/VC Mentor Program 2020 - 2021
Open to Members & Alumni making 3rd party investments
Sign up thru Sept 30

SPECIAL REPORT: The Triago Quarterly

Market Insights for GPs/LPs
PE’s biggest challenge may be the growing disparity between the bleak economy and market values
June 2020

Alumni Supporting Careers: An MBA Career Mgmt Initiative

Complete 3-minute Intake Form to help current MBAs
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venture-capitalVenture Capital Collective

A tight knight network to help alumni excel in the deeply relationship-driven industry of venture capital and collaborate through sharing best practices, mentorship, and deal flow.


Meet-ups are a critical way of rallying the VC crowd to connect them around meaningful programming.


Be part of planning what happens next. Learn more here here.

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