From the Co-Presidents


On behalf of the entire leadership team of Wharton Private Equity & Venture Capital Alumni Association, we would like to take a moment to describe our organization, its mission and our goals.


Wharton PE/VC Alumni Association, was founded in 1996 and represents more than 3,000 Wharton and University of Pennsylvania alumni working to better the conditions in the private equity industry by sharing the best practices and innovative ideas among members, and by improving the overall standing of the members within the private investor industry.  The organization increases interaction between the members and the private equity industry.  It brings greater knowledge to our members through varied educational programs, symposiums and panel discussions around the globe.


Wharton PE/VC, is open to private equity investment professionals who have graduated from The Wharton School or the University of Pennsylvania AND who are investing third-party capital in deals.  In addition to being Wharton and UPENN alumni, members must be private equity professionals investing in venture capital, growth capital, mezzanine capital, buyouts, or secondaries.  Alum who are insitutional limited partners of funds and professionals who manage third-party fund-of-funds targeting the private equity sector are also eligible.
(Advisors, individual/angel investors, investment bankers, placement agents, senior lenders, lawyers, consultants, accountants, and other service providers may participate in select club events, but cannot participate as members.)


Wharton PE/VC co-hosts events throughout the year with many related organizations that allow members and nonmembers to share ideas and source deals with organizations, including the Chicago Private Equity Network, Kellogg's Private Equity Alumni Network, INSEAD, the Association for Corporate Growth, other UPENN Clubs.

Goals & Objectives:

  • Education.  The primary objective of Wharton PE/VC is to better the conditions in the private equity industry, educate our members and to strengthen the relationships among the members who are active in the private equity industry as GPs or LPs.  The organization serves to foster the exchange of ideas and knowledge as it relates to private equity investing.

  • Awareness.  The organization improves the “broad recognition” of Wharton and the Wharton PE/VC community with students and the industry through initiatives such as the Wharton PE/VC Fellowship Program, Business Plan Competition and Mentor Initiative. 

  • Interaction.  The organization strengthens the link between members engaged in the private equity industry and the school in a way that is relevant and compelling to private equity professionals.

Members of Wharton PE & VC receive:

  • Significantly discounted or free admission to dozens of Wharton PE & VC educational and deal-focused programs throughout the year from our annual CIO Leaders In Investing Summit to the annual Member Dinner the evening before the student led Private Equity/Venture Capital Conference.

  • Access to the latest in industry specific and private equity related research form the University as well as from Wharton PE & VC sponsored research projects.

  • Access to current MBA candidates via the MBA Private Equity Club for both internships and full time positions post-MBA.

  • Ability to post current positions on the Wharton PE & VC Website to attract the best possible candidates for your firm.

  • Opportunity to participate in the Wharton PE & VC Mentor Program which connects our members with current MBA candidates to provide guidance, industry knowledge and advice in their career development.

WPEVC Co-Presidents,

Bruce Eatroff (WG'89)
Halyard Capital
  Craig Enenstein (WG'95
Corridor Capital
Brooke Hayes (WG'99)
Intrinsic Capital