SPECIAL REPORT: The Triago Quarterly

Market Insights for GPs/LPs
November 2015

WPEP is pleased to share with you the fall issue of The Triago Quarterly, a report from our corporate sponsor Triago, a firm that has helped general partners and limited partners with their global fundraising and private equity portfolio management activities for over 20years.

The Triago Quarterly contains proprietary data on rising net asset values, narrowing secondary discounts and a disquieting gap between calls and distributions across PE fund types.

Change is the theme of this issue, whether in fundraising, venture capital, the secondary market, or investing strategies. It happens with surprising speed in a PE industry that’s often considered static.

Topics include 2015’s rapid growth of shadow capital - equal to a record third of classic fundraising - and the rise of Europe as an attractive destination for venture capital. With prices in Silicon Valley looking frothy, Accel Partners’ Fred Destin, a roundtable participant, says returns of three times investment are a likely prospect in Europe for the first time. Other trends, quantified qualitatively or numerically, include the popularity of alternative secondary strategies, loan fund growth, asset expansion at big general partners and sovereign wealth funds’ pronounced taste for private equity.  

As always, we hope the information found here will help you make informed decisions.

The Triago Quarterly - Oct 2015