Wharton Cypher Accelerator Demo and Innovation Day 



Please make plans to attend the Wharton Cypher Accelerator Demo and Innovation Day on Friday, April 12, at the Penn Club of New York. This is a special event for Wharton and marks the relaunch of this important program: Wharton Cypher Accelerator – powered by the Stevens Center for Innovation in Finance. This past fall, the team worked hard to expand and elevate Wharton Cypher Accelerator from a blockchain-based accelerator to also welcome AI companies.  

In January, the accelerator selected and announced a cohort of startups focused on health care, project operations automation, medical imaging, and sustainability. The April 12th event will feature presentations by these companies. The day will also include an update on our large language model research and insight into our policy work.

In addition, this year, Wharton Cypher formed a collaboration with an initiative at the United Nations: Giga. Giga is a technology-focused global initiative led by two UN agencies – UNICEF and the International Telecommunications Union – to connect every school in the world to the Internet. With this objective, Giga utilizes machine learning, digital payments, and blockchain.  Wharton Cypher is accelerating three of Giga's tech projects in its program this year.  

We are especially proud that Wharton Cypher Accelerator is collaborating with Giga to help connect every school in the world to the Internet. Partners from Giga's Barcelona tech hub will join us at Demo Day, as well as leaders from UNICEF.  

We are also pleased to announce a keynote at Demo Day, "Leadership", by Thomas Lee, Chief Investment Officer of NYSTRS, one of the largest institutional investors in the United States.

We anticipate that a number of our other advisors and institutional collaborators will also attend. In addition, the networking hour will feature entertainment by the Wharton Cypher DJ & singers. 

There is no cost to attend. We hope you will join us.