Call for Volunteers: Mentor a 2nd yr MBA student

Wharton PE/VC Mentor Program
Reply by Sept 3

About the Wharton PE & VC Mentor Program

Members or alumni working in PE/VC making 3rd party investments are invited to join us in this important initiative between the Wharton PE & VC Association and the student-led Wharton Private Equity / Venture Capital Club. The Mentor Program, now in its 15th year, is designed to both strengthen our ties with Wharton and to ensure that 2Y MBAs students are well-positioned to attain a top-tier job in the private equity field. 
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Here's a preliminary snapshot of the students interested in connecting with alumni mentors for guidance: 

  • 56% have prior PE experience
  • Nearly 1/3 are women 
  • 30% want to be in NYC
  • Career interests
    • 65% Buyouts/LBOs
    • 14% Growth equity
    • 12% VC (Series B onward)
  • Industry interests
    • Consumer Products and Software/Tech are the largest areas of interest 
    • Business services, Healthcare, and Fintech are the next top 3 

Sign Up by Sept 3
Alumni working in PE/VC making 3rd party investments are invited to become a Mentor - please complete our brief survey via this link. Reply by Sept 3rd as we are hoping to make matches as soon as possible.

  • Questions include firm type, industry sector, investment geography, and prior experience, and are used to create optimal matches. This survey also includes other opportunities in which to get involved with the WPEVC or the school community.
  • NOTE: Many students are interested in Europe, Asia, South America, etc. and while we can not necessarily match students with mentors in that region, we hope by including investment geography, mentors will be able to offer helpful and relevant insights to those markets.

Your Role
Mentors will provide guidance, resume review, coaching, and general support in the students’ job search that may include introductions to colleagues both within your firm and beyond as you see fit. This should result in approximately 3-5 hours per student over the course of each school year, and touchpoints during each semester should include emails and phone/virtual conversations. Please note that this is not an invitation for students to solicit jobs from members, but rather a way for alumni to provide support and guidance to students, thereby positioning them as strong emissaries of Wharton in our industry.  We are encouraging each Mentor to accept 2 students, but in the survey below we do ask if you have a preference for one or two students based on your bandwidth. 

The Matching Process
In creating the most optimal match, fund type and industry sector are the priorities, though preferred geography or investment geography will also be considered. Priority will be given to second year MBA students. We will facilitate the matches and distribute final assignments. Mentor responsibilities will last through the school cycle, and will typically begin anew each Fall, though we hope long term relationships are developed.

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Simons at or 610-664-0394. Thank you in advance for your commitment to and support of the Mentor Program. 

Mentor Role
Mentors are charged with providing guidance, resume review, coaching, industry education, and general support in the students’ job search. Touch points throughout the school year should include emails, phone conversations and hopefully, a face-to-face meeting (if practical). Please note that this is not an invitation for students to solicit jobs, but rather a way for WPEP to provide support and guidance to students, thereby positioning them as strong emissaries of Wharton in our industry.

Mentee Role

  • Schedule a phone or in-person meeting, as students are responsible for the initial outreach.
  • Come prepared to that first meeting. Prepare a list of questions.
  • Be candid about your needs. Every student brings a different set of skills and experiences. Let your mentor know where they can offer assistance.
  • Follow-up appropriately and always extend proper professional courtesy.

The Mentor Program should enable students to:

  • Build their professional network and gain access to an experienced professional with industry insight.  Whether is working together on deals or finding your next job, the Wharton alumni network is invaluable.
  • Ask for an introduction to help further your referral network.  Maximize the relationship with their mentor to potentially meet other professionals, particularly if your assigned mentor is not in the specific firm type or industry you are seeking.
  • Look at the mentor-mentee relationship as a two way street. You never know when your paths will cross again and perhaps you will be able to assist your mentor. 
  • Keep the dialogue and relationship going, even after the job objective is achieved. The Mentor relationships should not be undervalued.
  • Become an active WPEVC member upon graduation and stay involved. Once you’ve gotten something out of our global community we enourage you to give back