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We are continuing to discover how best to connect and serve alumni investors in the regions with a Pan Asia presence of Wharton PE & VC to:

  • Expand and deepen the Wharton/UPENN dealmaking network,
  • Encourage sharing of industry best practices,
  • Foster engagement with alumni and the school,
  • Enhance the Wharton standing in the private investor community, and
  • Develop a dedicated community to serve the growing alternative investment profession in the region

Pan Asia Chapter Advisory Committee:
Richard Folsom - Advantage Partners
Hemal Mirani - HarbourVest
Weijian Shan - PAG Asia
Kyungsup Song - Q Capital Partners
Chang Sun - Black Soil
Hendrik Susanto - Ancora Capital Management 

Pan Asia Chapter

Pamela Fung, (WG '09)  Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners

Henry Lee, (W '86) Hendale Fund


Pan Asia: Hong Kong

David Cheong, (WG '13) KKR 

Thian Chew, (WG '03) Polar Ventures

Bosun Hau, (WG '09) Sailing Capital (and Shanghai) 

Jenny Li, (WG '12) Oaktree Capital Management
Kallan Resnick, (WG '06) Park Hill Group

Power Siu, Morgan (WG '15) Stanley Alternative Investment Partners


Pan Asia: China
Alfred Chu, (WG '06) IPV Capital


Pan Asia: India

Mukund Krishnaswami, (ENG '96, W '96, WG '98) Lighthouse Funds
Naveen Wadhera, (WG '08) TA Associates

Pan Asia: Korea

Min Sung, (WG '08) BlackRock Private Equity


Pan Asia: Shanghai

Joe Tian, (WG '98) DT Capital Partners

Lin-Lin Zhou, (WMP '98) Principl
e Capital, Ltd


Pan Asia: Singapore

Ari Endrotomo, (WG '08) TPG Capital

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